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At Outsource Global, we have deep vertical expertise and a unique understanding of industry-specific needs.

Customer Experience

As an important function to most businesses, it is often more cost effective to outsource than to have a team in-house. We manage the country legislation, industry and sector training upfront and are able to scale resources as our clients’ businesses and customer bases grow.

Outsource Global proficiently provides both inbound and outbound calling with teams that can scale as your business scales. With our accent localization and training, agents are able to communicate with customers and their clients in their local accents.

Our live chat and chat bot services enable businesses to drive down the cost of customer service requests by up to 30%. Our remote agents serve your business 24/7 – 365. We offer one-month rolling contracts, which can be upgraded, downgraded and cancelled in real-time.

Back Office Processing

As your customer base grows, there is more demand to deliver on core competencies, while ensuring that customers remain satisfied throughout the transaction period and beyond. Back office tasks, such as accounting, payroll, data extraction and telemarketing, though not always visible, are central to the smooth running of an organization. We make certain that these core functions are successfully delivered.

Outsourcing back office processes and remote sales is an efficient way of managing your organisation’s resources while focusing on your core objectives.

Not only does outsourcing help to reduce costs and maximize profits, it also improves efficiency and productivity.

Data Management

Creating successful models require intelligent algorithms that can read and interpret data. From chat bots to transport automation and sentiment analysis projects, your data must be properly labelled and rich enough to power your algorithms. These operational, often mundane processes, require significant time commitments and can be outsourced to reduce employment risk and operational cost.


Our highly skilled agent workforce join us with Bachelor’s or Master’s in Accounting, beginning their career paths with us as telemarketing and customer service agents and evolving into specialist accounting-as-a-service knowledge workers.

Our accounting & finance services include transactional Record-to-Report (R2R), such as general accounting and payroll services; Order-to-Cash (O2C), including accounts receivable, credit control and collections; and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) services such as accounts payables management, invoicing and statement processing.

Legal Services

There is a lot of work that goes into every court case, such as indexing, preparation of hearing reviews, hearing sheets and follow up calls, and oftentimes lawyers have to work through hundreds of pages of legal documents to find the relevant information to each case.

We have a team of skilled and qualified paralegals and junior lawyers that work closely with senior partners in law firms to ensure they are focused on revenue generating activities.

Our team not only assists with administrative functions, but are qualified to make case-dependent decisions leading to improved success in court.

Medical Support Services

Outsource Global has extensive expertise in providing medical support and processing services for the United States and other global markets. We understand each hospital and healthcare provider’s unique processes and individual needs and deliver customized medical processing solutions that enable you to focus on the health and wellness of your patients. This includes outbound confirmation calls and updating, processing and submitting medical documents for patients and healthcare consumers.

Human Resource Management

For global organizations with multiple branches across countries, outsourcing parts or all of their human resource functions is the most financially viable option.

Relocation services, benefits, awards and recognition administration, external recruitment, and compensation are some of the services Outsource Global provides to businesses looking to embrace more efficient and unbiased human resource systems.

Software Development

From conceiving, designing and programming specific software components tailored to your business needs, we will deliver best-in-class solutions that will accelerate your business’ growth.

Outsource Global has one of the largest software development teams in Africa. We offer business outsourcing solutions to global clients, including data entry, tagging and training to technological and engineering firms across the world.

Market Research

Ever had to carry out a survey across continents or regions? Imagine having to manage the number of staff that would be required to deliver on the survey process at the detriment of core organisational functions.

Using the latest research tools and most advanced IT infrastructure, we deliver timely unbiased, high-quality market data and the most affordable rates

As an African outsourcing service provider, our rates are significantly more competitive than counterparts in any continent in the world.

Technical Support Services

Because we want our clients to focus on what they do best, we offer call center technical support teams to handle our clients’ support lines.

Our teams are equipped to assist customers with most technical queries, and where necessary, we provide additional training on various systems and the technical processes involved.

This often includes the process of outbound calls to close sales for abandoned carts online or other sales funnels.

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