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Meet Our Operations Manager – Ruth Ishimadoo Orkar

By Outsource Global

September 9, 2022

Operations Manager Ruth Ishimadoo Orkar talks about her experience at Outsource Global. In this inspiring interview, she delivers how much of an impact she and her team at Outsource Global have made.

My experience at Outsource Global has been a great one so far. I have so much fun, I always want to go to work with my colleagues. All I wanted to do was a good job. But while I started as a regular customer service representative in October 2016, by 2017 I had been promoted to 3 leadership positions, from a team lead to supervisor to my current position as an operations manager. As all these promotions happened in one year, it taught me that hard work pays off. I was promoted quickly because I took on the company like it was my own. I went out of my way to make sure everything was done. I have been able to use the story of my growth during orientation to encourage and motivate new employees. I always tell them that nothing is impossible; they should work hard and put in their best every opportunity they have.

I also love what I do. I started as an agent, I have always enjoyed going to work. I have so much fun I want to go to work with my colleagues. You learn so much on the job, so much about the company. It isn't about selling a certain product— but we are helping people and changing lives on a daily basis.

I would want to say I am a people person. I studied sociology, and what really drives me is the need to empower others. Growing up, I always wanted to be a youth counsellor. I worked with a lot of troubled adolescents who came from broken homes, and I just realized that they needed love. They needed someone to love them. From there, I just said, ‘OK how can I make a difference? How can I change in my little way?’

Now, I get to empower employees daily, no matter how small the task or activity may be. The important thing is how to make people better than they were yesterday. Every task that I carry out is related to the productivity or performance of the people and how best we can help them as a team achieve their goals. Outsource has become a home to me. The organization has made my stay comfortable and allowed me to be myself. Because we share the same beliefs and values, and from that, I know that this is the right place for me.

It has been a great ride so far. I highly value the support system, from the coaching to the feedback, to the development sessions. I value not just my direct supervisors and bosses to whom I report, but also people in other departments who have still supported me when I had challenges, or when I felt low. The company has helped me grow and ultimately has made me a better version of myself.

When I came to Outsource, I was a shy person who did not like public speaking. Outsource challenged me to overcome my fears by promoting me to a leadership position where I had no choice but to win. I can proudly say I am a bold, confident and more outspoken person and there is no longer ‘can’t do it in my dictionary.

I would describe my leadership style as democratic, as I want my direct reports to be carried along in decision-making because most times they will be executing or implementing the actions. This is also to empower them so they can start making some of their own decisions for the team. I came up through the ranks; I know what it feels like to be in each position, so I try to picture myself in their shoes, and this helps me better communicate with the team.

Well, it’s really hard to manage people, so I look at being a successful manager as an accomplishment. I’ve been in this current operations manager role for about three years and it’s been one of the most difficult things. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people will want that promotion, but they don’t want to do the work.

Trying to get to do the necessary work has been really challenging for me because I don't  want to be that type of leader where I'm like ‘Just Do It ‘ and expect  it to get done. I really have one of the best teams, but when I’m looking at all of the supervisors and all of the people that report to me, I realize it was a lot of hard work.

You’re dealing with different people, with different backgrounds, and you have to get them to be able to effectively do their jobs. So, I manage people to be able to manage other people, to manage other people, to get the front-liners to do what they’re doing.

In the next 5 years, I see myself as the Chief Operations Officer, COO. In addition to that, I plan to start up an NGO to reach out to less privileged women and youth by creating job opportunities for them.

At the rate Outsource is going, in the next 5 years, I see us being more internationally recognized for having a diverse portfolio of clients. I see us employing over 6000 staff in different locations across Nigeria. The company is doing well so far, and we can achieve our goal of being the number 1 outsourcing destination in Africa.

I would say the same thing I tell those who take my orientation class: Write down what goals you want to achieve while being at Outsource and work towards them. Let our core values guide you during your stay. Learn as many skills as you can and push yourself to overcome your challenges. In your own little way, make sure you can contribute to Outsource reaching its vision and mission.

In my free time, I enjoy watching crime documentaries/series, playing board games such as
chess or scrabble, hanging out with family and friends, cooking, and going restaurant hopping (I
love good food).

People think I am a boring workaholic, but my middle name is Drama Queen! I love to goof around and
make people laugh. I love listening to rap music and rapping along.


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